About Us

With an aim of creating awareness in Indian market for the use of right type of safety shoes, Represent Tradebox Pvt. Ltd. supplies wide range of Industrial Safety Shoes as per work application to avoid injuries and accidents.

Represent Tradebox Pvt. Ltd. offers all kind of foot protection certified by authorized regulatory body. All shoes are designed to cover basic safety aspects as well as extra protection required as per work application. Represent Tradebox Pvt. Ltd. believes in providing need base solutions. After analyzing customer requirement, Represent Tradebox Pvt. Ltd. offers customized footwear to increase safety levels at workplace. A team of qualified experts help customers to select best suitable products for their industry.

With a large warehousing facility at major cities, we have always serviced our customers in shortest possible time. We believe in offering quality products at reasonable price to build long term relation with customers. It is responsive to increase long term profits of customers by supplying quality products with high durability.

After evaluating world's leading brands in Safety Footwear, Represent Tradebox Pvt. Ltd. has established business relation with European brand Dapro® to offer in Indian Market.

Based in Netherlands – Europe, Dapro® is a personal protection equipment development and manufacturing company with its roots in the petrochemical industry onshore and offshore. Dapro® always believes in offering very tough, durable and ergonomic products to their clients and this approach results in the use of our products in 26 countries divided over 4 continents.

Dapro® specializes in develop and manufacture state of the art footwear according to international safety standards such as EN, ISO and also ISI for the Indian market. To make footwear eco-friendly, Dapro® uses low chromium content leather and OEKOTEX approved materials.

Dapro® has developed their production facilities in India with capacity of 300000 pairs of shoes a year which can be double within existing infrastructure by investing in extra machinery and manpower to meet higher demand.

Dapro® has the ability to control the quality of all materials with in-house laboratory and cooperation with external labs. Dapro® can guarantee consistent quality.

In-house testing facilities:

  • Universal Testing Machine (for tear, tensile & bonding)

  • Electrical Resistance testing (anti-static properties)

  • Fabric quality check with 4 point inspection report

  • Din Abrasion testing (abrasion resistance of sole)

  • Toe Compact Resistance & Penetration Testing

  • Bennewart Flex Tester (sole flexing)

  • Tear and Tensile strength testing

  • Toe Impact Resistance testing

  • Dimensional stability testing

  • Weight Measuring Machine

  • Water column test

  • Colour fastness testing/span>

  • Slip Resistance testing

  • Weight measurement

  • Sole Hardness testing

  • Button pull testing

  • PH testing

Every Dapro® product has an unique tracking code. With this code we can see exactly which batch of materials was used and which employees were involved in the production of the product. This ensures accountability in our whole production process.

At Dapro® your safety is number one priority. Your life depends on it.