At Represent Tradebox Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to delivering the best made, best fitting, highest performing safety footwear-every time. And we stand behind that promise. Uncompromising quality in every product is the goal of Dapro® Safety Shoes.

All products are warranted for six (6) months from the date of purchase against defective workmanship and manufacturing defects when used under normal conditions and for the purpose the product was intended.

  • We will accept any new unworn product in the original box for the first 7 days from the date of purchase.

  • Shoes will replace if the sole bond has failed locally.

  • Shoes will replace if the sole is broken locally

  • Shoes will replace if the shape of the steel toe is changed by an impact (below 200J) and compression accident.

  • Exchange will be issued only after receipt and inspection of worn or damaged goods.

  • No exchange will be given on discontinued or closeout footwear.

  • All footwear must be returned freight prepaid and must be accompanied by the original sales receipt with purchase order number.

Represent Tradebox Pvt. Ltd. and Dapro® shall have no obligation or liability to replace the footwear for damages or problems such as: 1.Any damages in leather part, inner and outer lining part, stitching, laces and clips after wearing. 2. Any damages due to wear and tear. 3. Failure to adequately maintain the product, including proper cleaning and conditioning. 4. Products returned beyond the applicable warranty period, or used other than in the manner intended. 5. Damage caused by accident or chemical, acid splash, burn or other foreign body contamination. 6. Sole or upper showing extensive, misuse or abusive wear. 7. Sole or upper cut, punctured, or showing excessive abrasion and stiff upper, due to leather being wet and drying too rapidly. Product warranty void if found any above points.

How to Use & Maintain

Every Dapro® product has an unique tracking code. With this code we can see exactly which batch of materials was used and which employees were involved in the production of the product. This ensures accountability in our whole production process.

At Dapro® your safety is number one priority. Your life depends on it.

  • Always select and wear appropriate size of footwear which gives good grip and wearing comfort.

  • Always wear your shoes with socks.

  • Conditioning must be done on regular basis to maintain moisture level in leather.

  • In case of contact with any chemical or acid or other foreign body contamination, clean your footwear instantly.

  • Always wear/remove your shoes in appropriate standard manner so that shoes can keep their correct and fine form for a long time.

  • Cleaning must be done on daily basis.

  • Colour fastness testing/span>

  • Avoid use of your footwear in water

Above mentioned easy steps will helps to maintain the footwear in its original form for long time. Poorly maintained shoes can quickly become uncomfortable, start to smell, and become scuffed and dirty which leads to shorten its wearing life. It is also suggested to change your footwear once it is not capable to give required safety protection.